Auckland Traffic 1.4 provides real time maps with the following information:

  • 200+ road sensor sites and 30+ traffic information signs in Auckland covering SH1, SH16 and SH20
  • TREIS road events for all state highways in New Zealand including both current and planned events (delays / cautions / warnings / road closures)
  • 100+ traffic cameras covering Auckland, Hamilton, Waiouru, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin

Data is sourced from the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) then repackaged and optimised for iOS.

Real Time Traffic Flow & Congestion for Auckland Motorways

Auckland Traffic on the iPhone

Check the real time Auckland motorway traffic flow, congestion, signs, events and cameras before you drive using your Wi-Fi or Cellular connection.

Road sensors, traffic signs, traffic events and traffic cameras are integrated into 4 map views (standard / satellite / hybrid / terrain) which can be easily scrolled and zoomed. In the new map views you can also show and follow your location.

Tap the light / dark (day / night) button (bottom left) to change and adjust the brightness of the new maps.

Avoid Motorway Congestion

On the new maps each road sensor site changes colour and width to highlight traffic flow (colour) and congestion (width):

  • Green = Fast / Free Flowing, bigger = Potential Congestion
  • Orange = Reduced Speed, bigger = Moderate Congestion
  • Red = Slow, bigger = Heavy Congestion
  • Black = Crawl, bigger = Congested

Tap on the road sensor sites (light gray dot) to show the average speed, % speed limit and age of the last estimate.

Road sensor sites fade over time as they become out of date.

Avoid Delays

When traffic sign information is available an orange or red alert icon will appear indicating the direction of travel. Tap on the icon to view the message displayed on the traffic sign. Tap again to hide.

Traffic signs fade over time as they become out of date.

When traffic events such as delays, cautions, warnings (!) or road closures (-) are available an orange or red alert icon will appear at the location of the event. Tap on the icon to view the event information. Tap again to hide. Use night mode to easily see scheduled events in the next 7 days.

Scheduled traffic events within 24 hours fade in over time. Tap on the icon to view the event information and planned start time. Tap again to hide.

Watch the Traffic Cameras

You can show and hide traffic cameras on the maps using the camera icon (bottom right). The new maps show all available traffic cameras in New Zealand.

Tap one of the 100+ traffic camera icons to download the current camera image. Each traffic camera icon indicates the direction the camera is looking. To see more detail pinch zoom the camera image or double tap to display and exit full screen mode.

Tap the information (i) icon in the top right for a map key and additional preferences.

There are preferences to automatically refresh camera images every 30 seconds and to disable the auto-lock idle timer when on AC power.

Enjoy Driving

Auckland Traffic is available in the App Store.

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